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Emergencies in General Practice was designed in Canberra appreciating that Medical and Nursing Staff working in Primary Care can often be faced with critically ill patients.  

This one day course is designed to teach advanced life support techniques to those who work solely in  general practice or split their time between community and hospital practice. 

Candidates will be taught Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support and taken through 8 medical emergency simulations. 

Each simulation scenario will begin in the primary care setting, progress through transport to hospital and culminate in Emergency Department management. 


Pre-reading will be provided covering the pathologies of each scenario and post simulations lectures will take place on the day to consolidate knowledge. 

As a result  a candidate will become expert in managing critically ill patients in his or her environment and learn valuable insight into definitive hospital care.

  • Practice and perfect your CPR technique. 

  • Learn and practice basic and advanced airway procedures.


  • Practice and ensure the safe use of an automatic defibrillator

  • Understand and practice manual defibrillation and transcutaneous pacing.

  • Take part in progressive simulations that begin in the community / GP setting and continue through to emergency department management.


  • This means each participant will perfect basic life support and advanced life support and practise and understand more advanced emergency department management.

  • If you are a general practitioner this course will ensure you can deal with emergencies that can occur at any time in you day to day work. Furthermore it will provide a great insight of what happens to your patients when the arrive in the emergency department. 

  • If you work in a hospital environment or plan to do so in the future, this course will provide invaluable experience giving you greater confidence and ability. 

At Verdigris Medical Education we understand the requirement for continuing medical education and  appreciate that our candidates will come from a wide background and many with years of experience.  It is our policy to provide a faculty made up of only the most senior instructors (emergency medicine consultants, senior nursing staff and senior paramedics) who continue to treat critically ill patients on a daily basis.


Not only  can we  ensure that our teaching is up to date and of the highest quality, we can pass on clinical pearls only acquired from continually treating real patients! 

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