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Lungs, Lines and Larynx, taught in Canberra,  is a one day procedures course aimed at teaching invasive lines, management of pneumothorax and management of airways.  

Clinical scenarios will be presented as a foundation to teach the indications for the procedures. 

However, the emphasis will be on practical sessions using animal models and simulation equipment with expert instruction. 

Pre-reading will be sent out to each candidate in order to complete a pre-course quiz.  A post-test quiz will be completed on the day. 


The procedures covered will be:-

  • Finger thorocostomy
  • Needle thorocostomy
  • Insertion of fine-bore chest drain (guide wire technique)
  • Insertion of large-bore chest drain

  • Central line insertion
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Ultrasound guided venipuncture and cannulation
  • Interosseous access

  • Pre-oxygenation 
  • Bag Valve Mask Ventilation
  • Direct Laryngoscopy Intubation
  • Video Laryngoscopy Intubation
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Jet Insufflation oxygenation

This  course  is  eligible  for  the ACRRM  procedures  grant  ($2000/day) and 6 MOPS hours. 

For ACEM Fellows, your 12 scope of practice procedures for the CPD triennium +  Airway, Breathing and Circulation procedures for the CPD year will be completed in one day! 

At Verdigris Medical Education we understand the requirement for continuing medical education and  appreciate that our  candidates will come from a wide background and many with years of experience.  

It is our policy to provide a faculty made up of only the most senior instructors (emergency medicine consultants, senior nursing staff and senior paramedics) who continue to treat critically ill patients on a daily basis.  

Not only  can we  ensure that our teaching is up to date and of the highest quality, we can pass on clinical pearls only acquired from continually treating real patients!

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