Medicinal Cannabis Course Online


The Australian Medicinal Cannabis Course was first delivered in 2016 by Associate Professor David Caldicott, in conjunction with the Australian National University and United In Compassion (UIC), and is Australia’s oldest Medicinal Cannabis Course, delivered by medical professionals, for medical professionals. 

It remains Australia’s only independent medicinal Cannabis Course, declining all funding from the pharmaceutical or cannabis industries. With UIC, it is committed to a ‘patients before profits’ system of medicinal cannabis. It has been designed to provide health care practitioners with an evidence based educational package to introduce them to the basics of the endocannabinoid system, and how it can be manipulated for medicinal benefit. 

Now online for the first time, we hope to allow health care practitioners the confidence to know that they are making rational, evidence based decisions for their patients, rather than decisions based on a subject largely unaddressed in any medical curriculum. On completion of this course, it’s possible you will neither be more or less likely to prescribe medicinal for your patients- but you will definitely have the knowledge to support those decisions!

The online format permits the development of multimodal learning platforms, and a variety of media will be rolled out in the coming months. Look out for guest lectures from some of the world’s finest practitioners- coming soon!


Introduction- Why A Course? 

The History of Medicinal Cannabis 

The Basic Science

The Endocannabinoid System 

The Cannabis Plant 

The Pharmacology of Cannabinoids 

Cannabinoid Drug Delivery and Doses 

The Clinical Science 

Medicinal Cannabis & Pain 

Medical Cannabis & Palliative Care 

Medical Cannabis & Seizure Disorders 

Medicinal Cannabis & Emerging Clinical Indications

Special Populations- The Young, the Elderly, & Pregnancy 

Medicinal Cannabis & Cannabis Use Disorder

International Approaches to Medicinal Cannabis 

Medicinal Cannabinoid Mythologies 

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