About Us

Verdigris Medical Education is something new.  Not just recently established, it's a brand new way of providing bespoke medical education, for proficient medical practitioners, by proficient medical practitioners.  

We are very aware that all healthcare professionals are required to participate in continuing medical education and participants often have many years of practice and experience under their belt.  

At Verdigris we believe education should be provided by faculty members  who are specialists and currently practicing in the field being taught.  That way we can be sure we educate to all levels of experience and can help fill any practical or theoretical gaps in knowledge our participants may have.

Verdigris has gathered a large variety of  courses and approaches under the one banner for the first time.  Our aim is to continue to expand our library of education and nurture  other practitioners in the development of educational material.  If there is something particular you want to teach or need us to teach, get in contact and we can help put together an accredited course for you. 

Why Verdigris


Verdigris is an old word. Its modern French equivalent is 'vert-de-gris' or green from grey.  Verdigris is the natural green patina formed over the years, on the skyline of some of the most venerable schools of learning around the world.  Our 'green' is from the approach we take to designing the best available educational solutions, tailored to the requirements of you and your practice. Our 'grey' comes from our combined decades of clinical experience, coupled with a proven aptitude for both the design and delivery of medical education.